Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Horus Rising: The Gallery

Since I couldn't seem to find any picture of the Kinebrach on the web, I asked my very talented sister to draw me one so this 'ere blog could claim to be the first place where such a picture exists.  Behold!

Copyright Jill Crossman
You'll notice this example of the species has longer hair than the Kinebrach warriors the interex brought onboard the Vengeful Spirit, but then this is clearly a youthful member of the species; full of innocence and naivety. All it really wants to do is smoke two doobies in its three lips and order out for some alien pizza.

(This isn't the best quality version of my sister's picture, but she had "technical issues" - by which I mean she dropped a pot plant on her laptop - so this is the best version I currently have.  The actual sketch should arrive from Canada at the weekend).

Merry Christmas to you all.  Don't forget to come back for the start of False Gods on New Year's Day.

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